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Here at Vermont, we are a team of highly skilled, enthusiastic individuals whose passion for tennis knows no bounds. Born out of the incredibly successful Net World Sports, Vermont is a brand that looks take all the success achieved by Net World Sports and channel it into creating a specialist tennis hub that will provide the best equipment for tennis fanatics across the world. Made up of knowledge and dedication like no other, Vermont is a brand that has it all. Comprising of products of a certain standard that would usually only be accessible to the professionals, the Vermont journey is certainly an exciting one and we want you to be a part of it every step of the way.

Our unique range ensures every tennis fanatic has access to extremely high-quality equipment. From players, to academies and even grounds people, we aim to connect everyone involved in the beautiful game with top-level tennis products. Our work has already received global recognition with all four grand slams having already featured Vermont at their events.

This global momentum we have gathered led to us launching our new Vermont Tennis Racket and Tennis Ball range in early 2018, to coincide with the launch of the inaugural Vermont website. Ranging right the way from mini tennis to grand slam level, we considered everybody when creating our new products, ensuring only the highest quality is delivered on every level.

Here at Vermont we believe that using our services is more than just purchasing a high-quality product, we see it as more of an experience, one that once you’ve had once, you’ll be sure to want again! We aim to make your life as simple as possible and this begins with our extremely easy-to-navigate website. Whether you’re using a desktop, laptop, table or mobile phone, our highly-skilled, knowledgeable customer service team can be with you every step of the way, giving you any help and advice you may require throughout your Vermont experience.


At Vermont, we connect with people all over the world through our world-class tennis products and our unrivalled delivery service. We ensure that no matter what your age, ability or tennis ambitions are, we can guarantee that we have the ideal tennis product for you. Never satisfied with the level we’re operating at, we are constantly looking for new ways to improve and expand our range in our quest for total world domination.


When it comes to court equipment, Vermont has a range like no other. All our court-related products have been designed to bring an increased level of quality to any court they grace. Whether you’re looking for Grand Slam quality nets and posts, a premium selection of scoreboards, or your grounds person requires an upgrade on their court maintenance equipment, our unrivalled range of court accessories is guaranteed to deliver exactly what you require to a standard normally associated with the professional game.


Our player-catering range is as fresh as it can be. Ensuring we accommodated for all ages and abilities, we launched a brand-new range of Vermont Tennis Rackets and Tennis Balls to coincide with the launch of our all-new Vermont website. Our goal is to bring the professional game closer to the real-world and give everyone the opportunity to use a standard of equipment that would normally be exclusively associated with the top level. Not only this, we also want people to come on our Vermont journey with us, starting right from the beginning, which is why we offer an extremely high quality mini tennis racket and ball range.


Without coaches we wouldn’t have so many people enjoying the world’s most popular racket sport which is why we wanted to create a diverse range that gave them the best opportunity to discover the next superstar talent. We aim to provide a blend of modern and traditional training equipment, ensuring you get the best of both. From a classic 72-capacity ball hopper to our revolutionary tennis ball machine and speed gun range, we guarantee that our coaching equipment range will take your players and your coaching to a whole new level.


Despite tennis being the world’s favourite racket sport, we recognise that there is plenty of admiration for other sports too, which is why we’ve broaden our horizons slightly to include some more. As well as tennis, Vermont is proud to stock a comprehensive range of high-quality products for sports including Badminton, Pickleball and Volleyball.


Our CEO, Alex, kickstarted our incredible journey right from his school playground. It all began when he bought a cricket bat online for £60 and decided to inquire about its production cost from the manufacturers. Surprisingly, they revealed that it only cost £6 to make. Seeing an opportunity, he bought ten bats directly from them and started selling them to friends and teachers. However, this unknowingly breached the school's rule of no sales over £10.

Realizing the potential for a business, 17-year-old Alex was determined to take it to the next level. Working relentlessly seven days a week at a builder's merchants, he saved up an impressive sum of £13,000. With this hard-earned money, he took a daring leap of faith and invested it all in purchasing an entire container of sports nets, foregoing the traditional need for samples. Fortunately, his risk paid off, and with unwavering support from his father in the packaging process, he worked day and night to make his venture successful. In 2009, Net World Sports officially became a limited company, marking the beginning of an inspiring success story.

Today, as a leading international sports equipment provider, we pride ourselves on offering an extensive product range that caters to nearly every sport imaginable. From football, baseball, and cricket to tennis, golf, netball, lacrosse, handball, and rugby, we have it all. Not stopping there, we have also branched out into fitness, leisure, and home & garden products, broadening our repertoire even further. Our guiding ethos is simple but vital: we aim to provide both niche and mainstream products to customers across the globe quickly and efficiently.

Operating from our impressive 411,000sq ft site, we offer a staggering array of over 10,000 products to customers in more than 100 countries. Our manufacturing prowess shines through as we produce over 100,000 of our renowned FORZA Football Goals annually, establishing us as the world's premier football goal supplier. Our growth has been nothing short of extraordinary, achieving remarkable success in a relatively short period. However, our focus remains on maintaining high standards in product quality and customer service to ensure complete customer satisfaction. As we continue to establish ourselves as the world's top sports equipment retailer and venture into new product areas, we hold a bold ambition for the future. Our award-winning growth is a testament to our unwavering dedication.

Recently, we reached another milestone by constructing an impressive office and warehouse space, spanning 411,000sq ft. This expansion opens up new possibilities, allowing us to offer faster dispatch, introduce exciting new product ranges, and further develop our existing offerings. With ample space at our disposal, we are delighted to introduce Net World 3PL, offering pallet storage and fulfillment services. Whether you are a small business seeking to grow your online presence or a large enterprise with intricate supply chain needs, we have you covered. Looking ahead, we see boundless opportunities for unprecedented growth. Our journey as the world's premier sports equipment retailer is far from over. Embracing our bold and forward-looking spirit, we eagerly await the future of Net World Sports.

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