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Tennis Ball Machines

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    Baseliner Slam Tennis Ball Launcher | Vermont USA

    Baseliner Slam Tennis Ball Machine

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Bringing modern technologies to the world’s favourite racket sport

To get the most out of tennis training, you need to be able to hit as many balls as you possibly can. The problem with this is that, traditionally, you would need a rock-solid playing partner to give you sufficient shot opportunities to improve your game, and if they were having an off day it could have a negative impact on your development. Well now, thanks to the tennis ball machine revolution, gone are the days of stuttering practices due to poor player performance, and here at Vermont we are proud to a supply a world-class range that caters for all ages and tennis abilities.

Starting with the Roger Federer of Tennis Ball Machines, the Tennis Tutor is at the pinnacle of it’s game. Headlining its very own range, the Tennis Tutor Tennis Ball Machine has paved the way for it and its revolutionary siblings to dominate the tennis ball machine world. A main selling point for all the Tennis Tutor Tennis Ball Machines is their remarkable portability thanks to their compact, strong yet light-in-weight designs. Ranging from the Tennis Tutor Cube right the way through to the Tennis Tutor Plus Player, in our range, there I certainly a Tennis Tutor Ball Machine for every player.

With the exception of the Tennis Tutor Cube (mains powered tennis ball machine only), the rest of the tennis tutor tennis ball machine range offers the option of a mains powered or battery-operated machine, allowing you full flexibility to move your tennis ball machine wherever you like on the tennis court, bringing added dynamism to your session. All ball machines come with a built-in, standard oscillator which gives a more unpredictable, match-type ball delivery which will vary the trajectory and ball direction, providing an additional challenge to players. Our more advanced Tennis Tutor Tennis Ball Machines such as the Tennis Tutor, Tennis Tutor Plus and the Tennis Tutor Plus Player, all come with an additional option of a 2-line oscillator, which allows the tennis ball to be fired out to two pre-set court positions, making it ideal for singles and doubles training.

Making life as easy as possible and training as high-quality as possible is the ultimate aim for Tennis Tutor Tennis Ball Machines which is why the majority of the range also offers the option of adding a remote to your machine for the ultimate tennis ball machine package. Depending on how advanced you Tennis Tutor machine is, the wireless remote will vary from a two-function to a multi-function allowing you to control the ball speed, trajectory, interval rate and the oscillator settings.

Next in the world-class range of tennis ball machines is the illustrious Lobster Ball Machines. Boasting an impressive 8 different tennis ball machine models, you’ll certainly not be short of a high-quality training partner with a Lobster Tennis Ball Machine in your set-up. Brimming with innovative, modern technologies throughout the range, the Lobster’s are right up there with the best tennis ball machines in the world thanks to their high-quality, practicality and user-friendly nature. Headlined by the world-class Lobster Phenom, this tennis ball machine optimises everything that sets this range apart.

The Lobster Tennis Ball Machine range boasts impressive characteristics such as pre-programmed tennis training drills, so you can really step up your improvement with one of these ball machines part of your set-up. Not only does it offer drill services, it also possesses an impressive range of tennis ball machine wireless remotes. Everything from your standard multi-function wireless remote right through to the revolutionary smart phone remote, which allows you to connect the ball machine to your smart mobile phone and control all the settings from the comfort of your own mobile phone, anywhere on the court. All Lobster’s also feature wheels and handles making portability an absolute breeze.

The incredible range of tennis ball machine doesn’t stop there either, as we offer plenty of other high-quality tennis ball machines including the Spinfire Pro 1 & 2 and the Wilson Portable which both offer incredibly realistic ball spin characteristics including top spin and back spin, allowing players to gain a sense of a real-life rally scenario. Both types of tennis ball machines are battery operated giving you the full freedom of the court, allowing you to deliver the ball from wherever you like. Both machines have an impressive battery life, giving you hours of play at any one time off a full charge, and come with a smart charger included so you’ll never have to be let your practice suffer through lack of battery power.

As previously mentioned, the Vermont Tennis Ball Machine range is one that caters for all ages and tennis abilities, which is why we haven’t forgotten about those making their first steps in the game. Beginning with the unique Tennis Twist Tennis Ball Machine, this machine is perfect for players aged 8 & under playing mini red tennis. Different to most other tennis ball machines, this one has a 28-ball capacity, but is designed to deliver mini red (stage 3) tennis balls, which are larger than regular balls and does it at a rate of one ball every 5 seconds. Second to that is the Baseliner Slam Tennis Ball Machine, which is also for youngsters, but is able to deliver regular sized tennis balls, making it ideal for those in the second and third phases of mini tennis.

Completing the range are the world-class Tennis Tower and Shotmaker Tennis Ball Machines, which just like all before them, are packed with excellent, forward-minded technologies and excellent usability. The finishing touches of an unrivalled, world-class range of tennis ball machines, this Vermont selection really does have it all. So if you’re looking for a high-quality training partner who is guaranteed to never miss a shot, can test you from all angles of the court with topspin, backspin and a whole host of different ball trajectories and interval rates, then your certainly in the right place when it comes to the Vermont Tennis Ball Machine range.