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    Indoor & Outdoor Tennis Posts | Net World Sports

    Vermont Square Tennis Posts

    Special Price $259.99

    Regular Price: $299.99

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    Quad-Stitched Polyester Headband | Wimbledon Canvas Headband | Net World Sports

    Vermont 3.5mm DT Championship Tennis Net [42ft Doubles - 22lbs]

    Special Price $178.99

    Regular Price: $264.99

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    Vermont 2mm Tennis Net Super Lightweight | Net World Sports

    Vermont 2mm Tennis Net [42ft Doubles - 10lbs]

    Special Price $69.99

    Regular Price: $99.99

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    Professional Tennis Net For Tennis Courts | Net World Sports

    Vermont 2.5mm Tennis Net [42ft Doubles - 11lbs]

    Special Price $99.99

    Regular Price: $129.99

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    Vermont 3mm Tennis Net | 42ft Regulations Doubles Tennis Net | Net World Sports

    Vermont 3mm Tennis Net [42ft Doubles - 14lbs]

    Special Price $139.99

    Regular Price: $167.99

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    3.5mm Vermont Championship Tennis Net | Net World Sports

    Vermont 3.5mm Tennis Net [42ft Doubles - 18lbs]

    Special Price $159.99

    Regular Price: $209.99

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    Ultra Durable Singles Tennis Net For Tennis Courts | Net World Sports

    Vermont 2.5mm Tennis Net [33ft Singles - 10lbs]

    Special Price $89.99

    Regular Price: $129.99

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    Professional Quad-Stitched Tennis Net Headband | Net World Sports

    Vermont 3.5mm DT Championship Tennis Net [33ft Singles - 21lbs]

    Special Price $169.99

    Regular Price: $239.99

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    42ft Doubles Regulation Freestanding Tennis Posts | Net World Sports

    Vermont 360° Freestanding Tennis Posts [Tournament Grade]

    Special Price $1,599.99

    Regular Price: $1,999.99

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    Wimbledon Style Wooden Tennis Posts ITF Tournament Regulation | Vermont Sports

    Wooden Tennis Posts [Wimbledon Spec]

    Special Price $2,069.99

    Regular Price: $2,587.99

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    Tennis Net Headline Wire

    Tennis Net Headline Wire Cable

    Special Price $24.99

    Regular Price: $34.99

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    Secure Volleyball Rope Ratchet Tensioners

    Rope Ratchet Straps [6 Pack]- Cargo Strap Tensioners

    Special Price $24.99

    Regular Price: $34.99

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    Volleyball Tension Aid

    Volleyball Net Tension Straps [6 Pack]

    Special Price $13.99

    Regular Price: $19.99

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    Vermont Tennis Socket Extenders [Pair]

    Vermont Tennis Socket Extenders [Pair]

    Special Price $52.99

    Regular Price: $64.99

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    Best Tennis Nets & Posts - Vermont

    Vermont Round Tennis Posts

    Special Price $249.99

    Regular Price: $289.99

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    How to build a Home Tennis Court

    Vermont Tennis Net & Posts [Custom Package]

    Special Price $459.99

    Regular Price: $576.99

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    ProCourt Mini Tennis & Badminton Nets - 10ft Nets

    Vermont ProCourt Mini Tennis & Badminton Combi Net

    Special Price $79.99

    Regular Price: $109.99

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    Mini Tennis Net, Racket & Ball Set (10ft Net) | Vermont USA

    Vermont ProCourt Mini Tennis Net & Racket Set

    Special Price $99.99

    Regular Price: $129.99

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    Tennis Set For Schools | Vermont USA

    Vermont ProCourt Mini Tennis Set [4 Nets] – Schools Edition

    Special Price $804.99

    Regular Price: $1,007.99

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    Badminton/Tennis Net & Racket Set | Vermont USA

    Vermont ProCourt Mini Tennis & Badminton Net & Racket Set

    Special Price $177.99

    Regular Price: $221.99

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    Replacement ProCourt Mini Nets | Vermont USA

    Vermont ProCourt Mini Tennis & Badminton Nets [Nets Only]

    Special Price $43.99

    Regular Price: $55.99

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    Install Tennis Net Centre Strap - Tennis Court Net Center Strap

    Tennis Net Center Strap [Professional Grade]

    Special Price $8.99

    Regular Price: $11.99

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    Tennis Centre Strap Ground Anchor Socket

    Tennis Center Strap Ground Anchor Socket

    Special Price $21.99

    Regular Price: $28.99

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    Tennis Center Strap Base Weight | How to Secure A Tennis Net

    Tennis Center Strap Base Weight

    Special Price $54.99

    Regular Price: $68.99

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    ITF Regulation Aluminum Tennis Net Singles Sticks | Net World Sports

    Tennis Net Singles Sticks [Aluminum]

    Special Price $64.99

    Regular Price: $84.99

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    Tennis Centre Strap 'M' Peg

    Tennis Center Strap 'M' Peg

    Special Price $28.99

    Regular Price: $36.99

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    What is the official height of a tennis net? Official Tennis Net Height

    Tennis Net Height Measuring Stick [Wooden]

    Special Price $22.99

    Regular Price: $29.99

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    Set Of 2 Tennis Net & Post Lacing Bars | Vermont USA

    Tennis Net & Post Lacing Bars (Pair)

    Special Price $29.99

    Regular Price: $44.99

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    Square Tennis Post Socket Caps | Vermont US

    Tennis Post Socket Caps [Pack of 2] - Round or Square

    Special Price $17.99

    Regular Price: $22.99

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    Large And Small Brass Winder Handles

    Winder Handle Only (Range of Small/Large & Square/Round Sizes)

    Special Price $34.99

    Regular Price: $43.99

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    Tennis Post Square Winder Large | Net World Tennis USA

    Tennis Post Winder Mechanism & Handle

    Special Price $114.99

    Regular Price: $144.99

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    Round Tennis Post Socket | Ground Sockets | Tennis Post Sockets | Ground Socket Caps / Lids | Net World Sports

    Tennis Post Ground Sleeve Sockets

    Special Price $80.99

    Regular Price: $101.99

The World’s best tennis nets & posts, as seen at Wimbledon, The US Open, The Australian Open and Roland Garros

Vermont is proud to supply a comprehensive range of tennis nets and posts that is second to none. A key theme running through the whole Vermont range is our inclusivity of all ages and abilities, ensuring there is a high-quality tennis product for everyone to enjoy, and our tennis nets and posts range is certainly no different. With nets ranging from mini tennis right the way through to Wimbledon standard and posts that have graced multiple Grand Slams, premium quality is something our range is certainly not short of.

Our tennis posts are unrivalled when it comes to quality level and authenticity. Manufactured in England, our extensive range of posts have excelled in all four corners of the globe. Our prized asset, the 76mm steel round and square Vermont tennis posts have displayed their exceptional performance levels and 20+ year longevity on the worlds biggest stages such as Flushing Meadows, home of the US Open. Not only are they supremely strong and long-lasting, these tennis posts come with a green powder coating finish which combines wonderfully with the included brass winder mechanism for an authentic, stylish finish.

Not to be outshone by its steel counterpart, our 3x varnished wooden tennis posts bring a level of class to any court they grace. Perfectly at home on Centre Court at the Wimbledon Championships, these posts boast the same durable characteristics as their steel tennis post siblings, and with the option of adding ground sockets to your posts, can be a permanent fixture in your tennis set-up for years to come.

Here at Vermont, we recognise that everyone’s tennis set-up is different, which is why we offer a variety of different tennis posts. We know that permanently socketed tennis posts aren’t always suitable, so we’ve taken all the incredible characteristics of our popular steel socketed posts, and channelled them into a freestanding version with wheels, so you can set up a court wherever you like. Our freestanding posts match up to ITF Specification to the letter and can be easily transported from court to court or back to storage at the end of the days play.

For the ultimate tennis court, it’s imperative that the standard of net matches that of the posts, and here at Vermont our tennis nets will transform your court into an iconic tennis amphitheatre. Whether you’re looking to improve your social tennis set-up, your own private court or your organising an ATP Tour event, Vermont can guarantee that with professional quality running through our entire net range, they will perform to an exceptional level and deliver for you time and time again.

Introducing the Roger Federer of the tennis net world, our Vermont 3.5mm Double Top Championship Tennis Net is in a league of its own. Just like the great Swiss man, this net demonstrates unbelievable strength and resilience whilst exuding style and elegance for what seems like forever. These unrivalled qualities have already led to world-wide recognition as this net regularly features on the professional ATP & WTA Tours, and are firm favourites at prestigious venues such as Roland Garros and Melbourne Park. Featuring at Grand Slam events is just the start for this net, as it aims to dominate the world tennis scene in the coming years, and with the level it already performs at, that is certainly an achievable ambition.

Thanks to the quality it has brought to the global tennis community, our Vermont 3.5mm Championship Tennis Net has paved the way for our exceptional range of tennis nets to flourish at all levels of the game. Using the championship tennis net as a blue print to every net we produce, all our nets have the same expert characteristics consistent throughout, which is what makes this range so good. All our Vermont tennis nets are manufactured from high-quality black twine, with the thickness ranging from 2mm to 3.5mm depending on the quality of the net you wish to add to your court. Not only is the twine of the highest calibre, it’s also resin treated and UV stabilised, giving our nets fantastic durability. Each net comes with a quad-stitched polyester headband, further increasing the nets already-long life, whilst giving it a classy authentic style at the same time.

Our 2mm Vermont Tennis Net is an ideal option for club and private courts. Representing fantastic value for money, the light in weight yet exceptionally durable Vermont Tennis Net will be a top performer on your court for years to come. Just like any of our Vermont Tennis Nets, it comes with a strong tennis net headline wire cable, which allows the net to be attached to any standard round or square steel tennis posts, in particular our Vermont socketed and freestanding tennis posts. The brass eyelets attached to the polyester headband are 100% immune to rust and corrosion, providing the net with incredible weather-resistance.

Vermont ensures everyone is accommodated for, most of all mini tennis players. Mini tennis is one of the most important phases of a tennis players career, and our Vermont ProCourt net range recognises the importance by giving mini tennis stars the best possible opportunities to develop and flourish and such an early age. We recognise that mini tennis is at a stage where youngsters are developing and growing at a rapid rate and the variety in our range certainly reflects that.

Our high-quality mini tennis nets come in three sizes: 10ft (3m), 20ft (6m) and 30ft (9m), providing the perfect opportunity for youngsters to play doubles and singles. Vermont ProCourt also offers excellent sets to include mini tennis rackets, tennis balls and even court lines so you can take the mini tennis fun anywhere. Ideal for coaches, players, schools and teachers, our Vermont ProCourt range has everything you need to see youngsters begin their journey to tennis stardom.

Our impressive range extends to net and post accessories as well. We have centre strap fixings that cover all court surfaces that include a base weight, ground socket and m-peg fixing so you can be sure your net remains firmly in place during play. With everything from replacement Vermont ProCourt tennis nets to replacement tennis net headline wire fixings, our comprehensive range includes everything you could possibly need to produce a top-quality Vermont-inspired tennis court.

If you’re looking for professional standard tennis nets and posts and unbelievable value then look no further than Vermont Sports. With every tennis product crafted from the minds of tennis experts, it’s no wonder all four major Grand Slam events have stood up and taken notice.