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Vermont Elite 2000 Badminton Shuttlecocks

Vermont Elite 2000 Shuttlecocks designed for competition. Featuring a high-quality cork tip with a real-feather skirt which delivers excellent flight & trajectory. 78 Speed, sold as tubes of 12.

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Tournament-Ready Vermont Shuttlecocks

Vermont Elite 2000 Shuttlecock Specifications


  • Cork tip is crafted using high-quality cork
  • The skirt/crown is made completely from feathers for excellent durability

Shuttlecock Speed:

  • 78 Speed (Medium)


  • Each tube contains 12 elite-level shuttlecocks
  • The perfect choice for competition and tournament play
Premium Shuttlecocks For Elite Level Competition

If you’re looking for a world-class shuttlecock, designed to be used at the very top level, then look no further than the Vermont Elite 2000 Shuttlecock. Specifically designed to an official match standard, these shuttles have been crafted to the highest quality specifications. As well as being able to display elite shuttle characteristics, these top-quality birdies also possess excellent longevity, allowing them to perform outstandingly every time they’re used. Whether they’re being used in a local tournament or the Olympics, these shuttlecocks will consistently deliver outstanding quality.

  • Shuttlecocks designed for elite level competition
  • Feature a full-feather crown & high-quality cork tip
  • 78 speed (medium) shuttlecock
  • Professional trajectory & flight abilities
  • Each tube contains 12 competition grade shuttlecocks

These 78 speed (medium) shuttlecocks provide players with a world-class flight and excellent speed through the air. The trajectory abilities give players excellent opportunities in both attack and defence, allowing them to really dominate matches from any area of the court. The shuttle structure, which is made from a combination of a high-quality cork tip with a fully-feathered crown, also possesses excellent longevity, allowing you to play high-volumes of badminton witch each individual shuttlecock.

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