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Vermont 3.5mm DT Championship Tennis Net [33ft Singles - 21lbs]

Championship 33ft Singles Double Top Tennis Net (9.5kg). Features premium 3.5mm braided HDPE net twine with quad-stitched headband for world-class durability. Conforms to ITF Tournament Regulations.

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Championship Singles Tennis Net – As Featured At Roland Garros

Vermont 3.5mm DT Championship Tennis Net (Singles) Specifications


  • Net Size: 33ft W x 3.5ft H | 10.06m W x 1.07m H – Official Singles Regulation
  • Net Weight: 20.7lbs | 9.4kgs


  • Net: 3.5mm Braided HDPE Twine (45mm Knotted Mesh)
  • Headband: Vinyl-Coated Polyester (Quad-Stitched)
  • Net is UV treated, rot-resistant & 100% weatherproof
  • Net features overlocked rope edges for easy lacing & fray prevention
  • Headline Wire: PVC Coated Steel Cable


  • ’Double Top’ design ensures top 6 meshes of net feature double-layering for increased longevity
  • Tennis Net conforms to Official ITF Tournament Regulations & BS EN Safety Standards
  • Compatible with standard singles tennis posts worldwide
  • Color: Black netting with an Optic White headband
  • Choice of headline wire cable available (Loop & Pin or Double Loop)

Vermont Tennis Net Range

Tennis Net  Weight   Twine Breaking Strength  ITF Tournament Regulation? Suitable For 3.5mm DT Championship Tennis Net 22lbs 264lbs x2 YES Tournaments, Tennis Clubs, Schools, Colleges, Universities, Home Courts 3.5mm Tennis Net 17.6lbs 264lbs YES Tournaments, Tennis Clubs, Schools, Colleges, Universities, Home Courts 3mm Tennis Net 14.3lbs 198lbs YES Tournaments, Tennis Clubs, Schools, Colleges, Universities, Home Courts 2.5mm Tennis Net 11lbs 190lbs NO Schools, Colleges, Universities, Home Courts 2mm Tennis Net  10lbs 146lbs NO Schools, Colleges, Universities, Home Courts
Championship Singles Tennis Net [33ft] – ITF Tournament Regulation

Incorporating all the world-class qualities of its doubles equivalent, the Vermont 3.5mm DT Championship Singles Tennis Net brings grand slam quality to any singles tennis court. Perfectly suited to the best tennis courts in the world, this tennis net has been expertly designed to deliver an elite performance with world-class longevity. As well as the net, you’ll also receive a high-quality net headline wire, which is available in two styles; loop & pin or double loop, ensuring a quick and simple assembly to your tennis posts.

  • Vermont 3.5mm DT Championship Tennis Net – 33ft Singles (ITF Tournament Regulation)
  • 3.5mm braided HDPE net twine (UV treated & 100% rot-proof)
  • Net features a double-mesh layering for excellent impact-protection
  • Professional quad-stitched headband features durable polyester (vinyl-coated)
  • Compatible with singles tennis posts worldwide
  • Tennis Net Headline Wire Cable included: Loop & Pin or Double Loop
  • Championship Tennis Net has featured at Roland Garros & Melbourne Park

Conforming with official ITF Tournament Regulations, this singles tennis net features the highest-quality materials available. Manufactured using premium 3.5mm braided HDPE with a 45mm knotted mesh, this tennis net features a unique ‘double top’ design, which double-layers the top 6 meshes of the net for maximum impact-protection. For even greater strength and durability, the UV treated net features machine-stitched rope edges for easy lacing to tennis posts and to prevent the net from fraying over time.

This championship tennis net has featured at world-renowned tennis venues such as Roland Garros & Melbourne Park and it’s easy to see why. Completing the impressive construction is the professional optic white headband. Quad-stitched using ultra-heavy-duty thread for supreme durability, the headband has been created using premium polyester and given an all-weather vinyl coating, allowing it to maintain its performance level in all weather conditions. The robust nature of the stitching also ensures impacts from tennis balls won’t affect standards either.

PLEASE NOTE: This Championship Tennis Net (33ft) comes with a PVC Coated Steel Tennis Net Headline Wire Included (Loop & Pin or Double Loop). Please select your style of cable above.

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