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Traditional Wooden Tennis Umpires Chair

  • Traditional, green colored wooden Umpire Chair
  • Ideal for professional matches or leisurely use
  • Measures: 6ft 4“ (1.93m) H x 2ft (0.63m) x 4ft 6” (1.38m) D
  • Sturdy chair is easy to move and folds flat for storage
  • For safety purposes, steps are covered in anti-slip rubber tread

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    Transform your tennis court into an iconic arena with this Umpire Chair


    • Size: 6ft 4“ (1.93m) H x 2ft (0.63m) x 4ft 6” (1.38m) D
    • Viewing height: 5ft / (1.5m)
    • Weight: 57.5lbs / 26kgs


    • Crafted from solid timber, painted green (other colors are available on request)
    • Steps are covered in a rubber anti-slip tread
    • Steel fixings


    • Chair folds flat for storage and portability

    Class up your court with this traditional umpire chair

    If you’re looking to add a level of prestige to your tennis court then you’ll struggle to find better quality then this wooden umpire chair. Stooped in tradition, the classic green structure is the type that would be right at home overlooking the Wimbledon final on Center Court. With a pedigree that puts it right up there with the world’s best, this umpire chair is ideal for professional matches or leisurely use, and is suitable for any type of court.

    • Traditional Wooden Tennis Umpires Chair
    • Manufactured using premium timber
    • Foldable design allows for easy storage
    • 6ft 4" tall with a seat height (umpires view) of 5ft
    • Chair features a pivot tray & anti-slip steps
    • Robust steel fixings included

    Sitting at 1.5m (5ft) off the ground, the seat height will give any umpire an excellent view of the play, being able to clearly see all court lines and help with those close-call decisions. Despite the being a metre and a half off the ground, the umpire will be completely stable and safe. Not only is the frame manufactured from solid timber with steel fixings, the steps come with an anti-slip rubber tread ensuring that getting it and out of the chair is a simple, safe task.

    If you wish to store away your umpires chair after the play has concluded, then you can do easily thanks to its ability to fold flat. The pivoting tray, the under tray, the steps and the chair all fold inwards providing excellent assistance when looking to transport the chair into a secure storage place. So whether you’re looking to increase the quality level of a tournament or simply trying to bring the Center Court feel to your own personal court, this wooden umpire chair is certainly an excellent addition to your tennis court set-up.

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