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Vermont Tennis Umbrella

A 150cm (60-inch) Vermont Umbrella with a lightweight and ribbed fibreglass frame and a double layered 190t pongee fabric canopy. Produced with a 14cm (5 ½ inch) EVA foam handle with locking button for quick and easy opening. Supplied with a high-quality storage sheath. Available individually or in packs of 5.

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  • Diameter: 150cm (60 inches)
  • Height: 100cm (40 inches)
  • Distance over the top of the canopy: 150cm (60inches )
  • Handle length : 14cm (5 ½ inches)


  • High quality 190t pongee fabric canopy provides protection in heavy rain
  • Suitable for use in high UV conditions 
  • Double canopy construction creates a vent for wind to pass through this golf umbrella
  • Lightweight fibreglass frame with 8 ribs
  • Handle is manufactured from EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) foam


  • Locking button on handle for quick opening of the umbrella
  • Suitable for golf or recreational use. 
Enjoy Shelter On The Court With This Extra Large Vermont Umbrella

As the perfect courtside accessory, the Vermont Umbrella is ideal for protecting players from harmful UV rays. The various components of this high-quality umbrella have been produced with heat repellent properties for added support during high intensity games. Each Vermont Umbrella features a 190t pongee fabric canopy that will actively resist fading and shrinking when in direct sunlight. With an additional 5½ inch (14cm)  long EVA foam handle that has been manufactured to be completely comfortable in varying temperatures, you’ll receive year-round use from this all-weather umbrella.

  • A padded 5½ inch (14cm) long EVA foam handle for optimum comfort
  • Robust and lightweight fiberglass frame and eight robust ribs to keep the umbrella taut
  • A double canopy design for ventilation purposes and for improved wind resistance
  • 60-inch (150cm) diameter black Vermont umbrella with white piping
  • Features a locking button for easy set up
  • Supplied with an equally durable and lightweight cover
  • Crafted from high quality 190t pongee fabric that ensures complete protection from rain
  • Available individually or in packs of 5

The premium level of craftmanship of these Vermont Umbrellas guarantees that that they will withstand regular use in both hot and wet weather conditions. With fiberglass separators that aid in keeping the 190pt pongee fabric taut, an automatic locking system and a double layered canopy for ventilation purposes, this multipurpose umbrella is a necessary piece of court equipment. Whether you require one umbrella or multiple, the Vermont umbrella can be supplied as a multipack of 5 to ensure that everyone will be properly protected on the court. 

Vermont stocks an extensive range of high-quality tennis and badminton gear. With such a diverse range of products, this is the ideal location for premium training and matchday equipment.

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