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Vermont Tennis Court Marking Lines

Pack of 16x high-quality Vermont Tennis Court Lines (Fluro Yellow). Perfect for marking out mini-tennis, pickleball & badminton courts in schools, parks and other settings. The set consists of 12x straight lines & 4x corner pieces. Manufactured from ultra-durable yet flexible rubber with a non-slip pimpled underside. Drawstring carry bag is included.

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Anti-Slip Throwdown Tennis Court Lines - Ideal For Coaches

Vermont Tennis Court Lines Specifications

What You Get:

  • 16x Tennis Court Lines (12x Straight, 4x Corners)


  • Corner Markers: 10in x 3in | 25cm x 8cm (long edge x short edge)
  • Straight Markers: 13in x 3in | 34cm x 8cm (long edge x short edge)


  • Tennis Court Lines are manufactured using ultra-durable rubber
  • Court lines feature a non-slip pimpled side for maximum player safety


  • High-Vis Fluro Yellow Line Markers can be used on any tennis court surface
  • Will mark out a tennis court up to 20ft W x 44ft L
  • Drawstring Carry Bag included for simple storage & portability
Vermont Mini Tennis Court Lines – Mini Tennis Courts & Training Drills

These throwdown Vermont Tennis Court Lines are an excellent choice for training drills & marking out mini tennis courts. Consisting of 16 high-quality tennis court lines (12x straight & 4x corners), they’re an excellent addition to any tennis coach’s equipment bag. Manufactured using ultra-durable rubber, these court lines feature an anti-slip pimpled side to ensure player safety is always a priority. Suitable for any tennis court surface, these tennis court lines are Fluro Yellow for exceptional visibility at all times. Drawstring carry bag also included.

  • Vermont Tennis Court Lines – For Mini Tennis Courts & Training Drills
  • Pack of 16 includes 12x straight lines & 4x corners
  • Manufactured using ultra-durable Fluro Yellow rubber (high-visibility)
  • Tennis Court Lines feature an anti-slip pimpled side for player safety
  • Drawstring carry bag included for simple storage & portability

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