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Tennis Ball Collector Mower

Clear your tennis court in minutes with this Tennis Ball Collector Mower. System can collect up to 80 tennis balls at a time, whilst the top basket boasts a capacity of 170 balls. Suitable for any tennis court surface. Tennis Balls NOT included.

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Tennis Ball Collector Mower Specifications


  • 2.7ft L x 2.6ft W x 1ft H


  • Tubing manufactured from quality steel
  • Steel Wire
  • Exterior has been powder coated to ensure strength and durability of mower


  • Body = 38.5lbs / 17.5kg
  • Top Basket – 15lbs / 7kg (Full Capacity)
  • Bottom Basket = 30lbs / 14kg (Full Capacity)

Ball Capacity

  • 250 tennis balls in total (approximately)
  • 170 tennis balls = Top Basket
  • 78 tennis balls = Bottom Basket


  • Classic Green
  • Black
Clear your court in minutes with this professional collector mower

There’s not a player or coach out there that looks at a tennis court covered in randomly dispersed tennis balls that doesn’t have that split-second thought of ‘I wish this could be done quicker and easier’. Well now, with this professional-standard Tennis Ball Collector Mower, those thoughts will be completely gone from the mind and the tennis ball pick-up routine will begin to be a task looked forward to.

  • Clear your tennis court in minutes with the Tennis Ball Collector Mower
  • Features a top basket & bottom collection tray
  • Innovative ball mower system allows for simple tennis ball collection
  • Features 4 small wheels & 2 oversized wheels for use on any surface
  • Ground level arms extend out for larger ball pick-up area
  • Created using ultra-durable steel tubing (powder coated)
  • Tennis Ball Trolley is Black With Traditional Tennis Green

Designed expertly to ensure that usability is as good as it can be, this tennis ball mower can be simply operated by steering it around the court. Once you have this mastered, then the ball collection can begin and require minimal effort on your part. Simply ‘mow’ the machine over the targeted tennis balls and the ball will automatically spring up into the bottom basket. On average, this ball collector can pick up between 150-200 balls in just 2 or 3 minutes, so you’ll have absolutely no trouble clearing your court.

Its ball collecting prowess is not the only reason why it’s a must-have for coaches, clubs and academies. The detachable top basket also doubles up as a 170-ball capacity tennis ball trolley, making it the perfect coaching aid. Its robust design, manufactured from powder coated steel ensures that both functions of this tennis ball mower can be used to the best of their ability for a very long time.

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