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Drag Brush (Tractor Mounted)

Drag Brush (Tractor Mounted)

  • Drag Brush [Tractor Mounted] (Tennis Set)
  • Drag Brush [Tractor Mounted] (Tennis Set)
  • High-quality Vehicle Mounted Drag Brush

  • Ideal for cleaning multiple courts at the same time

  • 3-point hitch framework allows brush to attach to all standard vehicles

  • Approximate width: 6ft (1.8m)

  • Brush comes as 14” (36cm) wide replaceable sections

  • SKU: TN34048


Attach this drag brush to any standard vehicle

This drag brush is an excellent addition to any tennis club set-up. Most effective on AstroTurf and other sand-based tennis courts, it’s innovative 3-point hitch framework means it can be fixed onto any standard vehicle, allowing it to clear multiple tennis courts in an extremely efficient fashion.

This highly durable, premium-quality drag brush operates with a working width of approximately 1.8m (6ft). The brush is divided into 36cm (14”) wide sections for increased longevity. The section design enables the user to rotate various brush sections around to avoid significant wear on one area. Once completely worn out, these brush sections can also be replaced.



  • Working width: 6ft / 1.8m (approx.)
  • Each brush section: 14” / 36cm


  • Frame includes 3-point hitch design allowing brush to fix to any standard vehicle
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