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Ball Pressure Gauge Reader

  • Ball Pressure Gauge Reader
  • Pressure measured in PSI and KG
  • Can adjust pressure of over inflated sports balls
  • Accurately checks pressure in sports balls

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    Sports Ball Pressure Gauge Specifications


    • Ultra-durable plastic
    • Stainless steel needle 


    • Measurements are displayed in psi and bar
    • Single needle provided
    • Storage room for two additional needles
    • Air pressure reader can be attached to the FORZA Pump That Ball™
    Measure Your Ball Pressure With This Ball Pressure Gauge Reader.

    Keep your sports balls performing their best by checking the air pressure with this Ball Pressure Gauge Reader.

    Ensure your ball pressure meets regulation levels with the ball pressure gauge. The pressure is measured in PSI and KG on a clear to read dial.

    Check the inflation of your sports balls or adjust the pressure of over inflated balls with ease thanks to this ball pressure gauge reader.

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