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10 Hygiene Bottles (34fl oz) & Foldable Bottle Carrier

48cm x 21cm plastic foldable drinks bottle carrier and 10 reusable hygiene bottles. Bottles come with screw top lids and contactless nozzles and are manufactured from BPA free plastic.

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Foldable water bottle carrier & 10 34fl oz Spray Sports Bottles

Water Bottle Carrier & Hygiene Water Bottles Dimensions

  • The water bottle carrier is 19in (48cm) long and 8½ (21½cm) in wide.
  • When folded flat the carrier is 2in thick.
  • Each bottle is 11in (28cm) tall and 3 ⅖ (8cm) in diameter.
  • Bottle height without the lid is 9 ½ in (24cm).


  • Water bottle carrier is manufactured from sturdy plastic. 
  • BPA free yellow soft squeeze plastic.


  • Holds up to 10 water bottles.
  • Carrier folds away flat for easy storage. 
  • Each bottle holds up to  34fl oz (1 litre) of water. 
10 Hygiene Water Bottles & Foldable Drinks Carrier For Sports Teams.

Perfect for sports that require players to wear mouthguards such as rugby or hockey, this set of 10 hygiene water bottles and foldable carrier allows your players to rehydrate whilst keeping their mouthguards in.

  • The sturdy PVC plastic carrier comes with 10 BPA free plastic hygiene bottles.
  • Water bottle carrier holds 10, 3in x 2 ½ in^2 water bottles.
  • Each spray water bottle holds 34fl oz of water. 
  • This water bottle carrier has an ergonomic fist grip for added comfort. 
  • Foldable carrier measures 19in long x 8 ½ in wide when unfolded.
  • When unfolded the carrier measues a compact 2in allowing it to be easily stored. 

Each of the spray water bottles has a contactless nozzle system that requires the user to squeeze the bottles body to release liquid. This spout prevents the user from needing to make contact with the bottle, therefore allowing them to leave their mouth guards in and safely share water.

The 10 included BPA free water bottles hold up to 34fl oz of water which can keep you and your team mates hydrated throughout the duration of your matches or training sessions. This means that you will be able to supply your team with up to 338fl oz of water!

The plastic foldable bottle carrier enables you to comfortably carry the included hygiene bottles to your team mates thanks to the fist grip handle. This handle has an ergonomic design which includes individual cut outs for each finger to promote a natural grip when in transit. Each bottle has its own individual section which is 5 ½ in deep allowing you to run onto the pitch during stoppages in play without the risk of the spray bottles falling out.

When not in use the bottle carry case folds flat into a compact 2in thick package which can be easily stored away. Unfold the carrier & slot in the 10 included sports hygiene bottles and you have yourself the perfect edition to your match day equipment, measuring 19in long and 8.4in wide.  

If you are looking for more than 10 hygiene bottles Net World Sports also offers these water bottles in packs of 20 and jumbo packs of 72 which is enough to keep an entire squad hydrated.

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