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Vermont ITF Fixed Grandstand (50-seater)

Vermont ITF Fixed Grandstand (50-seater)

  • Fixed Grandstand for Tennis
  • Fixed Grandstand for Tennis
    The fixed tennis grandstand is ideal for tennis clubs and sports venues looking to accommodate for many spectators, seating up to 50 people. The aluminium alloy design with polyester powder finish creates a highly durable and weather-resistant product. This product has a 5-8-week lead time. Custom colors and sizing available on request.

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Five Tier Tennis Grandstand Bench with Sidewalk

The grandstand benches for tennis are made with convenience in mind- a central aisle separating seating benches to allow for convenient entry and exit to your seats whilst the guardrails ensure spectator safety. The detachable design of the seating plates adds to the ease of assembly and dismantling of the benches for tennis courts.

  • Made from premium quality aluminium alloy
  • Surface has a polyester powder coating for added protection
  • Central aisle for easy entry and exit
  • Five tier design to help offer good sight-lines
  • Guardrails offer extra safety
  • 2 benches on each tier, each seating 5 people, giving the grandstand a 50-person capacity

The fixed tennis grandstand comes in the original aluminium alloy color-silver with the polyester powder coating ensuring that the permanent grandstand can be used on both outdoor and indoor courts. Bulk discount is available for those looking to expand their outdoor or indoor capacity by a larger number.

The five different levels of the spectator seating benches help ensure that all spectators have a good sight-line of the action with each seating board ideal for five people. Ten spectators can fit on each row, the two seating plates on each row separated by a convenient walkway.

PLEASE NOTE- The ITF grandstand can be made with custom options including size, color and branding. To request this please call us on 01691 683807 or email your request to


50 Seat Fixed Grandstand for Tennis


  • Length: 16.4ft / 5m
  • Width: 9.8ft / 3m
  • Height: 5.9ft / 1.8m


  • Seating and frame made from aluminium alloy
  • Polyester powder finish


  • Each Seating plate can seat 5 people
  • 5 tiers of seating rows with two plates on each level
  • Central aisle for entry and exit
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Custom options available on request
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Vermont ITF Fixed Grandstand (50-seater)

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Vermont ITF Fixed Grandstand (50-seater)

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