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Spinfire Pro 2 Tennis Ball Machine + Wireless Remote

Spinfire Pro 2 Tennis Ball Machine + Wireless Remote

  • Tennis Ball Launcher | Vermont USA
  • Tennis Ball Machine | Vermont USA
  • Spinfire Pro 2 | Vermont USA
  • Spinfire Tennis Ball Machine | Vermont USA
  • Tennis Ball Launcher | Vermont USA
  • Tennis Ball Machine | Vermont USA
  • Spinfire Pro 2 | Vermont USA
  • Spinfire Tennis Ball Machine | Vermont USA
  • Spinfire Pro2 comes with brand new features

  • Comes with wireless remote

  • Modify ball speed (20-80mph), ball elevation and ball feed rate (2-15 seconds)

  • Features include ‘Extreme Grip’ & the brand-new ‘2-Line Drill’

  • Battery operated

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The Spinfire Pro2 takes the Tennis Ball Machine game to new levels

A market leader when it comes to tennis ball machines, any one of the Spinfire Pro range is an excellent addition to your training set-up and the latest model is certainly no exception to that rule. The Spinfire Pro2 is portable, intelligent and boasts all the same innovative features as it’s highly successful predecessor (Pro1), whilst adding some brand-new, revolutionary features designed to enhance your training experience, including a wireless remote.

Just like the Pro1, the Pro2 still allows you to modify ball speed, elevation and feed rate to match your specific training requirements. The ‘Extreme Grip’ that allows for top-spin and slice to be added to the ball is as effective as ever, but this time is complemented even better by the Pro2’s triple oscillator. For an even more realistic feel, the triple oscillator provides vertical and horizontal oscillation which will provide you with depth variation as well as side-to-side, so you can really put your techniques to the test – all of which can be controlled via the included wireless remote.

As well as the triple oscillator the Spinfire Pro2 also offers the brand-new ‘2-Line Drill’ feature. This will provide players with alternate shots, allowing them to practice on their forehand and backhand side. You can select a difficulty option of ‘narrow’, ‘medium’ or ‘wide’ depending on how bigger challenge you want to put on yourself. You’ll be sure to have plenty of time to train as well, as the battery powered Pro2 will deliver 3-8 hours playing time from full charge. If you wish to see how much battery life you have left, you will find it featured on the LCD display and touch panel membrane.

Once it’s time to pack away, the 200-ball capacity hopper converts wonderfully into a cover, with the included wheels and extendable handle aiding transportation expertly. We also offer this package with two options; a carry bag which makes transporting the machine even easier, or a cover bag, which will protect the Pro2 from debris and damage when in storage.



  • Ball Speed Range: 20-80mph / 32-129km/h
  • Ball Feed Rate: 2-15 seconds
  • Extreme Grip: Top-spin & Slice
  • Ball Capacity: 200 Tennis Balls
  • Wireless Remote
  • Triple Oscillator – providing horizontal and vertical variation
  • 2-Line Drill Feature with narrow/medium/wide difficulty levels


  • 52lbs / 24kg


  • 19” H x 20” W x 26” L / 49cm H x 51cm W x 67cm L


  • Battery Operated (rechargeable)
  • Play time from full charge: 3-8 hours


  • Smart Charger included
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