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Spinfire Pro 1 Tennis Ball Machine

Spinfire Pro 1 Tennis Ball Machine

  • Spinfire Pro 1 Tennis Ball Launchers | Vermont USA
  • Spinfire Pro 1 Tennis Ball Machine | Vermont USA
  • Spinfire Pro 1 | Net World Tennis USA | Vermont USA
  • Spinfire Pro 1 Tennis Ball Launchers | Vermont USA
  • Spinfire Pro 1 Tennis Ball Machine | Vermont USA
  • Spinfire Pro 1 | Net World Tennis USA | Vermont USA
  • SpinFire Pro1 is one of the most intelligent ball machines out there

  • Multiple settings including ball elevation, speed & feed rate

  • 'Extreme Grip' for spin variety

  • Exceptionally portable

  • 3-8 hours of battery life off full charge

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Match your training requirements with the Spinfire Pro1

Finding a tennis ball machine that can match the specific requirements of your training is no easy task. In an ideal world, you want all the real characteristics of a proper player, the weight of shot, the different heights and spins and the unpredictability, minus the risk of a rally breaking down thanks to human error and with the Spinfire Pro1 you can have all of this and more.

One of the more intelligent tennis ball machines on the market, the Spinfire Pro1 has everything you need and want from a high-quality training accessory. Boasting an impressive speed range of 20-80mph, this machine caters for all ages and abilities and can give you real-life match speeds, providing you with the perfect preparation for competitive play. The machine also allows you to alter the ball elevation and feed rate so you can set how much time between each shot you want to recover.

Unique to most tennis ball machines, and what makes the Spinfire really stand out from the crowd is their featured ‘Extreme Grip’ throwing wheels which gives the machine a remarkable ability to provide heavy top-spin and slice on the ball, giving you the most realistic experience possible. This, combined with the internal oscillator which will fire your tennis balls from side-to-side across the court in a ‘match-situation’ fashion, will provide you with a highly-effective training experience.

Battery-powered, the Spinfire will give you an impressive 3-8 hours of play from a full charge and includes a Smart Charger so you can always make sure your machine is ready when you are. To see if the battery level is low, you can look at the LCD display and Membrane touch panel which is also the place to go for other machine settings and important information.

The Pro1 is also exceptionally portable. When your high-quality training session has come to an end and it’s time to pack away, the 200-ball capacity hopper can be reversed and be used to cover the machine, whilst the extendable handle and wheels make getting it off the court the simplest of tasks. To aid transportation further, we provide a carry case option with the machine, or if you require added protection from dust and debris, you can add the Spinfire cover.



  • Ball Speed Range: 20-80mph / 32-129km/h
  • Ball Feed Rate: 2-15 seconds
  • Extreme Grip: Top-spin & Slice
  • Ball Capacity: 200 Tennis Balls


  • 52lbs / 24kg


  • 19” H x 20” W x 26” L / 49cm H x 51cm W x 67cm L 


  • Battery Operated (rechargeable)
  • Play time from full charge: 3-8 hours


  • Smart Charger included
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Spinfire Pro 1 Tennis Ball Machine

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Spinfire Pro 1 Tennis Ball Machine

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