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Fence Mounted Tennis Scoreboard [3 Sizes]

Lightweight & portable, these double-sided tennis scoreboards are an excellent addition to your tennis court. 100% weatherproof, the scoreboards feature an anti-rust hook for easy-hanging. 3 sizes available.

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Portable Fence Mounted Scoreboards For Tennis Courts

Match Pointer Tennis Scoreboard Specifications

Scoreboard Sizes:

  • Small: 14in x 20in | 35cm x 50cm
  • Medium: 18in x 26in | 46cm x 65cm
  • Large: 22in x 31in | 56cm x 80cm


  • UV treated PVC to prevent scoreboard fading over time
  • Hanging Hook: anti-rust metal
  • Eyelets: rust & corrosion-resistant metal


  • Color: High-vis green with black numbering on an optic white background
  • Double-sided scoring discs offer players & spectators exceptional visibility
  • Scoreboards can score up to 3 sets at a time
  • The Match Pointer Tennis Scoreboard is lightweight, fully portable & easy to assemble
  • 100% weatherproof – suitable for indoor & outdoor use
Keep Score in style with this Fence Mounted Scoreboard

Adding any type of scoreboard to your tennis court brings about a certain professional feel to it and with this fence mounted scoreboard, it’s certainly no different. Available in 3 different sizes: Small (14in x 20in), Medium (18in x 26in) and Large (22in x 31in), you’ll be able to keep track of your score with exceptional ease.

  • Match Pointer Tennis Scoreboard – Available in 3 Sizes
  • Lightweight & Portable Scoreboard for your tennis court
  • Features highly-visible double-sided number discs
  • UV treated materials prevent numbers fading over time
  • 100% weatherproof for year-round use (indoors & outdoors)
  • Anti-rust metal hook included for easy hanging

All three scoreboard sizes are supremely durable yet light in weight so are 100% transportable meaning you can move and position them wherever you see fit. Each scoreboard caters for a best-of-three set match, projecting clearly the score of each set through the large, high-vis numerical discs, that can be turned to the appropriate number depending on the score. The scoreboards excellent durability also ensures that they can be used year round, indoors and outdoors.

This scoreboard comes with a superbly strong, anti-rust hook so you can easily attach the scoreboard to any fence, allowing all spectators and players to be able to easily see the current state of play. This scoreboard can also be attached to the net as well. Using cable ties (not included), the smaller sizes of this scoreboard fit onto the net just inside the net post extremely well whilst bringing a professional style to your court at the same time.

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