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Bowdry Tennis Court Squeegee [60L Water Capacity]

Bowdry Tennis Court Squeegee [60L Water Capacity]

  • Bowdry Machine | Vermont USA
  • Bowdry Machine | Vermont USA
  • Bowdry Machine | Vermont USA
  • Bowdry Machine | Vermont USA
  • Innovative technology that soaks up water from tennis courts
  • Has the ability to collect up to 60 litres of water per minute
  • Comes with in-built storage tank for excess water
  • Extremely user-friendly and easy to store
  • Suitable for multiple tennis court surfaces

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No court too wet for this Bowdry Machine!

Drying your court has never been simpler than with this Bowdry Machine. The revolutionary surface water removal design uses an extremely durable foam roller which the user rolls across the court surface enabling the foam to absorb any surface water. The water absorbed by the foam is then transferred into the center storage tank which can easily be emptied via the side valve. The unique design has the capacity to collect up to 60 litres of water per minute, allowing you to dry your court in minutes!

  • Bowdry Tennis Court Squeegee – For hard, clay & grass tennis courts
  • Unique system allows squeegee to collect up to 60L per minute
  • Ultra-absorbent foam roller soaks up water without damaging playing surface
  • Built-in storage tank easily stores excess water
  • High-quality handle allows anyone to manoeuvre it with ease
  • Features a compact design to aid storage

Not only does the Bowdry collect an impressive amount of water, it’s also incredibly user and court friendly. The large roller and center tank still retain their user quality even when the weight of the roller increases due to more water being taken on whilst ensuring no damage to the court is done through scratches and marks. Whether it’s a hard, grass or clay court, the performance of the Bowdry will be to the same exceptional level, and when the drying session is over, its compact style makes it very easy to store.

Replacement foam and adhesive are also available from Vermont.


Bowdry Tennis Court Squeegee Specifications


  • Highly Durable foam roller


  • Built-in storage tank for excess water with side valve for emptying


  • Bowdry has the capacity to collect up to 60 litres per minute
  • Will collect water without damaging your court
  • Suitable for clay, grass & hard tennis courts
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